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A Provider Who
Works Overtime

Beam is working hard to provide a network that brings you more of the life you love, without compromises.



What to expect during installation


Watch this video for what to expect during a Beam Internet installation.

“We didn’t know too much about Internet TV and all the stuff you could get on it. It’s monumental. We had no idea all that was out there. I’m watching YouTube on how to paint and decorate.”


Beam Customer








Ban Bandwidth Budgeting

Beam means streaming, gaming, and searching—all at the same time. Laptop, tablets, smartphones and smart home devices can all connect without bogging each other down.

Experience Everything

Want to learn a new hobby, research a question, or just sit back, relax, and stream a movie? Beam is bringing everything the internet has to offer right to your front door.

A New Kind of Service Provider

At Beam, we believe in treating our customers the way we'd want to be treated. We don't just provide internet, we provide internet service, and we take that seriously.
Consistent Pricing for Consistent Service

With Beam, you'll get the same quality internet service every month--for the same price. We want you to now what you'll be paying and know what you're getting for it.

No Contracts. No Kidding.

We want you to be part of the Beam family because you love our service, not because you're locked into a contract.

Growing Internet
Internet That's Growing Places

Shentel is building a network specifically designed for rural areas like yours. Our goal is for everyone to have access to high quality, high speed internet, regardless of where they live.

Affordable Connectivity Program

You may be eligible for financial assistance with your Internet bill. Click here for details.

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Do Right By Your Devices

Experience internet to the fullest. Laptops, desktop, tablets, smartphones, gaming systems, smart name it, Beam can handle it.
Kelsey Whelan

We were finally able to dump [Competitor] an doubled our download and tripled our upload speed with Beam. Keep doing what you're doing Beam! We appreciate it!

Lena Pilipenko

We started receiving their service a week ago and are very happy with it! A real problem solver for a rural area!

John H Bennetch

Our installer Jeremy was fantastic. Also SO refreshing to speak to a real person in West VA or Mt Jackson for customer service.

How it Works

Curious about what it takes to get Beam? It's easier than you might think.

Using our existing cell towers, we will broadcast a high speed internet signal to cover an area approximately 5-6 miles from the tower. We use licensed spectrum, so you can count on better reliability than providers using public spectrum.


The signal is picked up by a pizza-box sized antenna on your home. No exterior wires or poles are needed, letting us provide service to areas where traditional internet service is not available.


The antenna is connected to a router which provides a high quality internet signal in your home. You can then connect your wifi enabled devices, allowing everyone in your home to stream, game and search all at the same time.